Hello! My name is Fraser and I’m an historian.

I am currently finishing up a PhD in History at the University of Edinburgh, after which I hope to continue working in history research and teaching. My PhD project deals with Scottish involvement in the Spanish Civil War – you can read more here.

I originally hail from Australia, although my accent, needĀ for sunlight and tacit racism have all been relatively successfully suppressed thanks to years of living in Edinburgh.

The Daily Worker predicted it all surprisingly accurately.

This website is designed to collate my various output over the course of my PhD and beyond. Some of this is proper research, journal articles and so forth, details of various projects I’ve been involved in, as well as reproductions of less formal pieces such as blog posts. I will also add original content from time to time when the mood strikes. I still blog regularly and have a large number of older posts about the PhD experience itself at Pubs and Publications.