I see teaching as a way in which all researchers can and should contribute to having an immediate positive impact on society. I believe that the skills that studying history fosters – critical thinking, writing persuasively, using evidence – are valuable ones, and that we owe it to all our student to teach them effectively.

I’m currently employed as a teaching fellow at the University of Edinburgh, where I’m teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses on skills and methods, modern global history, the Holocaust and transnational anti-fascism. If you’re a student looking for more information on my office hours or contact details, you can find them here.


Tutor – Making of the Modern World, University of Edinburgh

Lecturer – History & Politics, LEAPS Summer School.

I was invited back to the LEAPS Summer School in 2018, and asked to take on wider role as part of the core team with responsibility for course design and delivery. I delivered four teaching sessions, focusing on interwar Britain and Europe.


Lecturer – History & Politics, LEAPS Summer School.

In June 2017, I was part of a team-led course on modern History & Politics, aimed at school leavers from local state schools, offering them preparation for university-level study. I planned, wrote and delivered two lectures, along with accompanying seminars, on interwar ideological history, and designed and marked the essay component of their assessment.

Tutor – ‘Scottish History since 1914’ and ‘Themes in Scottish History’, University of Edinburgh.


Tutor – European History 1b (1789-present), University of Edinburgh

Student Feedback and Testimonials

“Tutorials were very engaging and thought-provoking”

“Created a safe environment for everyone to participate”

“Very engaging with us as a class and ensures great support”

“Feedback was really extensive and helpful towards improvement”

“Very accessible in person and via email”

“Makes class super interesting even if the topic is pretty dull”

“Informative and engaging”

“Fraser is always prepared and fosters interesting and thought-provoking discussion. Have learned a lot from him!”