I see teaching as a way in which all researchers can and should contribute to having an immediate positive impact on society. I believe that the skills that studying history fosters – critical thinking, writing persuasively, using evidence – are valuable ones, and that we owe it to all our student to teach them effectively.


Tutor – Scottish History since 1914, University of Edinburgh.

In the Spring Semester of the 2016/17 academic year, I taught four tutorial groups (c. 12 students each) on the second year history course, Scottish History since 1914. A particular challenge was the need to integrate numerous outside and exchange students in these groups. Duties involved planning, preparing and teaching weekly tutorials with particular emphasis on accessibility for outside students and those with learning difficulties, marking source analyses, essays and non-written skills and providing written and verbal feedback to students.

Anonymous feedback showed that 55% of students in these classes were Very Satisfied with the tutorial teaching, 40% Satisfied and 5% Fairly Satisfied.

Lecturer – History and Ideology, Leaps Summer School 2017.

In June 2017 I will plan, write and deliver several lectures for the Leaps Summer School, a course of study aimed at local state school students transitioning to university, as well as designing and marking part of the written assessment for this course.

Edinburgh Teaching Award

From March 2017 I have been enrolled in the Edinburgh Teaching Award Scheme, a programme of professional development aimed at achieving accreditation to the Higher Education Academy.


Tutor – European History 1b (1789-present), University of Edinburgh

In the Spring Semester of 2015/16, I taught three tutorial groups (c. 12 students each) on the first year history course, European History 1b. Teaching this course required preparing a complete tutorial schedule from scratch, including composing topics, reading lists and questions for each session, to complement the planned lecture series. Duties also involved marking essays and non-written skills, and providing written and verbal feedback to students.

Feedback and Testimonials

“Tutorials were very engaging and thought-provoking”

“Created a safe environment for everyone to participate”

“Very engaging with us as a class and ensures great support”

“Feedback was really extensive and helpful towards improvement”

“Very accessible in person and via email”

“Makes class super interesting even if the topic is pretty dull”

“Informative and engaging”

“Fraser is always prepared and fosters interesting and thought-provoking discussion. Have learned a lot from him!”